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Incorporate social distancing into your operations

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Keep your Business Safe & Customers Chill with Web Check-ins

Web Check-ins enable customers to join the waitlist and track their progress from home or another location, making a trip to your Business easy and safe. Web Check-ins can be accessed from any web connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Notable Features

  • Real-time wait estimates
  • Phone number and arrival time verification
  • Confirmation text message with quick link

Streamline Operations with The Digital Waitlist Intelligent Line Management

Text customers, move customers up and down the waitlist, set service provider schedules, send branded messages, and much more. The Digital Waitlist can be accessed from any web connected smartphone, tablet or computer. Increase customer satisfaction, decrease chaos!

Notable Features

  • Capture customer contact information for future engagement
  • Intuitive customer interface for optimizing the waiting experience
  • New messaging touchpoints for showcasing featured products and services

Keep your regulars regular & make first time visits unforgettable

The Digital Waitlist seamlessly manages customer preferences and enables service selection (e.g., fast-track club, first-time consultation) resulting in shorter wait times for those looking to get in-and-out and better service for those seeking consultation.

Notable Features

  • Shorter wait times for regulars!
  • Seamless management of customer preferences
  • Real-time wait estimates based on service provider and service

Transform your customer experience with The Digital Waitlist!

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